October 10, 2013

101 in 1001

It’s been five or six weeks since I started my current 101 in 1001 list and I think I’m doing pretty well! A quick update:
1. Send 25 handwritten notes (3/25)
5. Help 3 friends decorate their apartments. (I’ve been helping my friend L and her roommates, my grand big S, and my cousin N!)
12. Download a new workout song once a month (2/33)
15. Switch green tea for coffee (I’ve been doing this more and it definitely feels cleaner somehow)
18. Try 3 new “fancy” restaurants (1/3 Mistral on 9.17.13)
21. Try 10 new recipes and blog them (3/10 soba noodles, flanken steaknutella cookies)
33. Wear perfume every day for 21 days (9.7.13-9.29.13 Now it’s more second nature to put it on!)
47. Instagram something that makes me happy every day for 30 days (9.3.13-10.3.13)

{30 things that make me happy: my SC Tervis / pretty skies / hearing favorite song on the radio / beers with girl friends / brunch / my fruit fly death toll (it’s at 60+ now!) / coffee / my Poppin notebook / new Zara kids sweater / brand new hand me down JCrew wedges / seeing SC license plates in MA / live sporting events / Skoggy our Ikea plant / the Boston mural in City Hall / pretty flowers at work / puppies!! / fall poached pears at work / handwritten notes from my mommy / the forecast / my Autumn candle from Bath and Body Works / driving with the sunroof open / being American / Boston at night / cheeky housewares / our new storage containers / apple picking with friends / testing new foods at work / flowers at work / a friend who brings soup when you’re sick / hockey is back!}
52. Add a plant to my apartment and keep it alive (added a guinea chestnut and he’s thriving!)
54. Finish decorating apartment (added a plant, got new oven mitts, ordered art and a frame for dining area, and have matching couches)
82. Go apple picking (9.29.13)
95. Start 2 new blog series (1/2 three little spaces)
Anyone else working on goals or a 101 in 1001 list?

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