February 24, 2015

wear / travel to st. croix

If you follow on Instagram, you may have seen that A and I booked a trip for April to St. Croix! I've never been to the Caribbean or Mexico and I am SO EXCITED!!!! Not only will it be amazing to get away from the Boston winter (because let's be honest...it will still be winter), but it will be great to take a vacation together with nothing to do and nowhere to go.

Now that the trip is officially booked, I am itching to shop. I already have plenty of shorts, shirts, and dresses, but I could use a couple things that I might treat myself to...

Clockwise from top left: 
-A cute gauzy coverup to keep the sun off me
-A new black bikini since my old one fell apart (I just buy the same one from Old Navy over and over and love it)
-A turquoise necklace has been on my wishlist forever and will look perfect over my black maxi dress. This one is sold out, but I'm hoping they restock! 
-White skinny jeans for dinner (cute with a striped top)
-Gauzy beach pants on sale from JCrew. They're the most ridiculous thing on this list, but I love them for some reason.
-New Rainbows because mine are legitimately falling apart.
-A straw hat to keep the sun off me because I'm pale...and also baseball hats don't shade as well. Mom, you should be proud!

What do you think? Is anything missing? Am I being too over the top? Suggestions are welcome!


  1. i wish i was going there, it's sooo cold in NYC

    1. There are SO MANY insane deals out there! A and I did a ton of research and I am more than happy to share. Feel free to email me at blog.awinkasmile{at}gmail.com for the info!