October 7, 2015

wed / pretty place settings

While scrolling through my recent pins, I realized I have been drawn to pretty place settings. No longer comprised of just silverware and a napkin, place settings can include small bits of greenery or other simple touches that go a long way to create a beautiful and unique atmosphere. 

Looking to dress up the table for your next dinner party or a wedding? Here are some ideas for you!

Cinnamon and twine

Oyster shell salt and pepper

Copper leaves and satin ribbon

Boxwood wreath, satin ribbon, and calligraphy

Rich velvet ribbon and silverware

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October 2, 2015


I looooove LL Bean and Lands End canvas totes and am currently eyeing this leather handled one. A loves it too and I'm thinking my new last name might be the perfect monogram.

Babysitters Club Fashion. This is everything.

Did you see the Sesame Garlic Tacos recipe I posted? They are delicious!!

This calligraphy video is mesmerizing. 

Beautiful Ikea hack!

A lovely blue and white coastal home

Candles and bright colors at this Florida wedding

September 29, 2015

eat / taco tuesday

I made these tacos last week and am already planning to make them again. They were SUPER easy and a nice change up of my usual Tex-Mex style tacos. I did make a few small changes: I added some finely chopped scallions to the beef at the end, added a little minced garlic (from the jar) with the garlic oil to the vinegar mixture, and did thinly sliced radishes instead of the cabbage. Find the whole recipe from BHG here!

September 18, 2015


Last weekend I made this recipe to freeze. I wanted to take advantage of the tomatoes at their best!

I love a good statement necklace, but this post makes me way to try statement earrings! I admit I'm a baby about heavy things on my ears, so we'll see how that idea goes...

I have been searching high and low for the perfect fisherman's sweater for years and A finally found me one...in the men's department! I should have known. 

I have only a vague idea of our wedding venue, but I am really enjoying earmarking things for a registry. Right now my eyes are on this, this, and this

This nail polish may be the only color I ever need. It's the only color I will take off only to put on a fresh coat of the same thing. 

I love the pretty lacquer boxes from places like West Elm, but can't justify the cost. I am eager to try this DIY! I admit the idea of removing the hardware seems like too much work, so I would try this box without the clasp in the front. 

September 15, 2015

decorate / copper french press

PSA: Bodum now makes a copper French press. As someone who has loved copper since middle school, this is very good news. 

Find one for yourself at West Elm, Crate and Barrel, or Starbucks. True life: Ours broke so I had an excuse to buy one and I bought mine where I had the best coupon. 

August 31, 2015

August 21, 2015


I just discovered Russell and Hazel has an awesome free printable wedding planning template. I find a lot of planning guides to be a little too basic for me or generally not useful, but I think this one it awesome and have already started using it myself!

21 Things you didn't know about Love Actually. One of my favorite movies! Perfect for a rainy day like today. 

Have you tried out Violet to brand your wedding?

Speaking of branding, have you checked out my series about ways to brand your wedding? See part 1, part 2 and part 3!

Every style chart you could ever need.

I have been better about cooking at home lately and have my eye on these new recipes to try

I have a three day weekend and since it's storming outside, I have big plans for a little TV, home organizing, a DIY manicure and maybe some wedding plans of my own :). Happy weekend friends!

August 19, 2015

wed / how to brand your wedding part 3

So far in our How to Brand Your Wedding series, we've covered pre-wedding items such as invitations and ceremony items and now it's on to the reception, specifically dinner.
Escort cards:

Place cards if you're being extra fancy! How cool are these agate slabs?

Menus at each place setting are a perfect place to get creative:

Table numbers (easily visible and legible, please):

(I actually was an intern and helped with this wedding!)

And something special to personalize the bride and groom's chairs:

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See Part 1 here.

August 17, 2015

quote / crave

I am on cloud nine...

August 14, 2015

i'm engaged!!!

It's been awhile since I posted around here and I promise it's with good reason! I've had a busy summer with weddings at the hotel and then on Sunday the love of my life asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes!!! 

I'm debating how much of the wedding planning I'll share over here, but rest assured there will be more inspiration than usual in that department. I'm thinking of a venue feature series or more mood boards, plus a continuation of the How to Brand your Wedding series. Let me know what you want to see in the comments! xo

July 31, 2015


Happy Friday! I am heading to Charleston early tomorrow for one of my dear friend's wedding and to see my family. I hope everyone has fabulous plans! Here are a few links for the weekend:

I just ordered this dress in onyx and whitewash at a steal! I can't wait to wear them with colorful accessories. (It also comes in red!)

Amazing romantic comedy interiors.  

I admit I was a liiiittle skeptical about Marie Kondo, but then I refolded my whole T-shirt drawer and I'm a believer. (I also gave away some items that I was holding onto just because they were gifts.) Here are a few tips from Marie to get you started. 

Missing a piece or two of china or silver? I know where to find the replacements

July 29, 2015

wed / how to brand your wedding part 2

Last week I shared some of the pre-wedding items you might want to include in your wedding branding. Today I am listing some of the decor and stationery for during the wedding ceremony:

Programs of course:

Signage to point everyone in the right direction:

Signs explaining significant traditions:

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July 23, 2015

three little spaces

Just three little interiors I've pinned recently. Interestingly they all include colorful rugs...and I just ordered a neutral rug for the living room haha. 

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