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One of the items on my 101 in 1001 list is to invest in good sunscreen that I actually want to wear. I am really good at applying sunscreen when I’m at the pool or beach, but rely on the SPF 15 in my makeup day to day, which I know isn’t enough for an afternoon walking around in the sunshine. The worst is I often wear v-neck tees and after a day outside I notice a faint sunburn on my chest. While it fades overnight, I know that the cumulative damage is really really bad.

Last year, I received a sample for Coola sunscreen in my Birchbox. Coola is made with 97% organic ingredients, but even better than that, I loved the light feel of the sunscreen—it feels more like a serum.

The fact that it feels like a fancy face cream instead of greasy, strong smelling sunscreen is a big selling point for me. The sunscreen also has antioxidants, which fight free radicals from harming your skin, so it’s two products in one! I justified the $32 price tag by rationalizing that face cream would be about $20 and sunscreen would be another $10.

I used the locator on Coola’s website and found Bella Sante in Boston carries it (though they’re phasing it out due to a shift in the types of products they carry). I stopped in yesterday and ended up getting two 5 oz bottles of the SPF 45 sport version for 60% off! The sport sunscreen isn’t as light feeling as the SPF 30, but for that price I couldn’t beat it!

What does everyone else use for SPF? I’m so curious! 

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PS-This is not a sponsored post; I just wanted to share a product that I really love!

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Baseball season is back and as much as I can get frustrated at the crowds and traffic around a Red Sox game, there really is nothing like attending a game at Fenway Park.


My sweet boyfriend got us tickets for tonight since we’ve both had a tough couple of weeks at work and I’m so excited for a hot dog, beer, and baseball. Maybe spring really is coming…

;) and :)

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