July 31, 2015


Happy Friday! I am heading to Charleston early tomorrow for one of my dear friend's wedding and to see my family. I hope everyone has fabulous plans! Here are a few links for the weekend:

I just ordered this dress in onyx and whitewash at a steal! I can't wait to wear them with colorful accessories. (It also comes in red!)

Amazing romantic comedy interiors.  

I admit I was a liiiittle skeptical about Marie Kondo, but then I refolded my whole T-shirt drawer and I'm a believer. (I also gave away some items that I was holding onto just because they were gifts.) Here are a few tips from Marie to get you started. 

Missing a piece or two of china or silver? I know where to find the replacements

July 29, 2015

wed / how to brand your wedding part 2

Last week I shared some of the pre-wedding items you might want to include in your wedding branding. Today I am listing some of the decor and stationery for during the wedding ceremony:

Programs of course:

Signage to point everyone in the right direction:

Signs explaining significant traditions:

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July 23, 2015

three little spaces

Just three little interiors I've pinned recently. Interestingly they all include colorful rugs...and I just ordered a neutral rug for the living room haha. 

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July 22, 2015

wed / how to brand your wedding part 1

Wedding branding has become more a necessity and less a trend recently. With Pinterest and wedding blogs steadily offering ideas and examples, it seems like more and more couples are branding their wedding whether or not they are working with a designer. A couple weeks ago I went searching on the interwebs for a list of all the items that might be branded for the big day. I didn't have any luck, so I compiled a list of my own!

The list got pretty long, so I am going to divide it up. First are all of the pre-wedding items...

Save the dates:

Invitations (including the invitation, reception card, direction card, and response card):

And a welcome bag and tag or card:

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Next week I'll share a list of items you may want to include for the ceremony.

Happy #weddingwednesday!