March 27, 2015


Happy weekend! That is all :)

Twenty-four easy lunches. I need to put this to work!

This Downton Abbey parody with the cast and George Clooney is HYSTERICAL!

I really need to stop buying clothes, but I LOVE these tanks from Loft and would like to add more to my closet. 

Did you see my new Boston Guide?! 

March 26, 2015

favorite iphone apps

Like many of us I live by my iPhone (my case is from Rifle Paper Co). Probably not the healthiest habit, but it is reality and I don't always hate it. Some of it is just for fun, but there are some that are just plain awesome! Here is a list of my favorites...

Instagram: Many people's favorite place to share the highlights, keep up with friends, and find inspiration. 

Afterlight: I know a lot of Insta fans love VSCO, but I found it to be a little over complicated. Afterlight was totally worth the couple dollars. I like that I can manually edit photos in a user friendly format!

Wunderlist: I have tried plenty of to-do list apps and nothing worked for me until I found Wunderlist. You can have tasks and subtasks and notes and shared lists and grouped lists and private lists and public my obsessed. The icing on the cake is that you can access your lists on Chrome, Macbook, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. 

Pinterest: Enough said. 

Starbucks: I go to Starbucks a little more often than maybe my wallet would like, but it got to the point that it made no sense not to pay with my phone and earn free drinks. A handy little app. 

Bank of America and American Express: Keeping track of finances has never been easier. 

What apps are in heavy rotation on your phone?

March 24, 2015

local / boston guide

I've lived in Boston for over 7 years now and I thought a little guide to my adopted city was in order. May I direct you attention to the new page at the top of the blog? The list includes my favorite restaurants, shops, and things to do. Is there anything you think I missed?