101 in 1001

101 in 1001 List #3
(See my Second List here!)

Start: July 1, 2016
End: March 29, 2019
Completed: 65/101

Kind: to myself and others (10/13)

1. send holiday cards every year (3/3)
2. spend a weekend with my grandma (7.31.17-8.2.17)
3. consistently work out at least 2x per week for 12 weeks (12/12) and...
4. ...reward myself with a spa treatment
5. try a new workout class (barre)
6. write and mail 30 cards/letters (30/30)
7. buy someone a just because gift
8. leave a 100% tip (12.24.16 Salt House Pub in Dartmouth, NH)
9. buy myself flowers every week for a month
10. donate $20 to three causes (3/3) Planned Parenthood, White Helmets, RAICES
11. send flowers to my mom and grandma
12. give $5 to charity for each goal not completed
13. attend 3 GPhiB alumni events (/3)

Food, wine and entertaining (8/10)

14. host three dinner parties of 6+ people (1/3 - Hanukkah party 12.19.17)
15. bake 5 batches of cookies (5/5)
16. make bread from scratch (we got a bread maker!)
17. make something from my grandma's recipes (chestnut stuffing on Thanksgiving 2017)
18. keep a three week food diary {WW winter/spring 2019}
19. try recasting from French Women Don't Get Fat instead I've been following WW for 2 months
20. Try three fancy new restaurants in Boston/Cambridge (3/3) Ostra, Terra, Cragie on Main
21. shop at Haymarket at least 5 times (1/5)
22. read a book about wine (Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine)
23. re-make 3 of the Plated recipes we like (3/3) Fresh Spaghetti with Heirloom Tomatoes and Burrata, Chicken Shawarma with Tomato, Cucumber, and TahiniGrilled Vegetable Tacos (I added ground turkey, but these were delicious!)

Joyful: fashion and beauty (8/10)

24. splurge on a new handbag (I splurged big time!)
25. get nice sunglasses (11.12.16 Rayban Aviators)
26. whiten teeth
28. alter or give up on Madewell dresses that still have the tags on!
29. replace my black pumps (Sam Edelman)
30. replace my nude pumps (Sam Edelman)
31. update 3 items with my new monogram (3/3) New Lands End Tote, Keychain, Necklace
32. procure a full set of tools to do manicures at home Dazzle Dry is the BEST!
33. try a spray tan

Joyful: just for fun (5/11)

34. get married {3.19.17}
35. have our wedding published on a blog (The Wedding Row)
36. decide what to do with my wedding gown and do it
37. have a picnic
38. see a movie alone
40. have a kick ass 30th birthday party {12.22.18}
41. plan a surprise party
42. dress up and give out Halloween candy to trick or treaters {10.31.16}
43. write a new list
44. cook a romantic dinner at home for A 

Settled: at home (9/11)

45. have wedding albums printed {thanks to our amazing photographer Sara Bee Photography!}
46. make our annual yearbook each year 2016, 2017, 2018 (2/3)
47. add a plant to our apartment {12.17.16}
48. replace living room pillows {11.2017} Love ours from Etsy!
49. fix or replace bedroom dresser {a beautiful Kent Coffey Tableau Highboy}
50. register for our wedding
51. buy a grill {gifted by our lovely firends!}
52. collect family photos for photo wall (turned into a wedding photo wall that will evolve with family photos)
53. find an affordable candle that A and I both like to keep in the house {Candlefish! Esp No. 15
54. buy a print or poster from honeymoon to add to collection
55. paint and seal the kitchen cart

Smart (9/17)

57. start visiting the library more often instead of buying books {7.2.16, 8.8.16, 10.13.16}
58. change my name legally
59. visit a financial planner together
60. increase 401(k) contributions 
61. on my 30th birthday, open the letter I wrote on my 25th birthday
62. go a month without buying anything other than food
63. personal 
64. go two weeks without taking a taxi or Uber (other than for work appointments)
65. raise amount I pay toward my student loans every month
66. wake up 30 minutes earlier every day for 5 days
67. go to bed at 10 pm for 5 days
68. bring my lunch to work (or have a salad from the restaurant) every day for a month 
69. personal 
70. go out and about three times and leave my phone at home (3/3) {1.1.17 (I didn't leave it at home, but it died as soon as I got a couple blocks from home), 3.28.17, 1.6.18 dinner}
71. revised: for two weeks, leave phone in another room from getting home to bedtime {January 2019}
72. get TSA pre-check/Nexus already! {applied!}

New England Adventures (6/12)

73. spend a weekend on the Cape {10.21.16-10.23.16}
74. go to a polo match {8.20.16}
75. learn to ride a bike
76. go apple picking {9.30.18}
77. kayak on the Charles River
78. go to a BU hockey game {2.24.17 BU vs Notre Dame}
79. visit the MFA again  {12.23.18}
80. go to both rounds of the Beanpot
81. take a hike {Tahquitz Canyon and Joshua Tree on our honeymoon 3.23.17 and 3.25.17}
82. go to team trivia at a pub/bar
83. go on a duck tour
84. go skeet shooting again

Travel (6/7)

85. plan and go on our honeymoon {Palm Springs, CA}
86. plan and go on our anniversary trip {Palm Springs, CA}
87. visit NYC 3 times (3/3)
88. plan a girls weekend with Ashley, Leah, and Chrissy {Chrissy's bach-March 2019}
89. visit a new state or province (12.24.16-12.26.16-Montreal, Quebec)
90. add a new stamp to my passport {Italy 2018}
91. go back to London

Creative/Learning (5/10)

92. go wine tasting {Chiarli in Modena, Italy}
93. take an art class (painting, ceramics, etc)
94. make grandma's cookbook
95. complete a DIY project
96. take a flower class {2.11.19}
97. take a calligraphy class
98. take a blog/tech class
99. take a cooking class (12.22.16 Ravioli class at Sur la Table)
100. change social media handles to @elliebdurbin
101. learn Snapchat/Instastories

Goals I am…
Anticipating will be the hardest: 57
Most nervous about: 33
Unsure if I can achieve: 65, 69
Most excited about: 34!!! (and also 11, 14, 52, 85)

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  1. I can help you learn to ride a bike!