September 18, 2015


Last weekend I made this recipe to freeze. I wanted to take advantage of the tomatoes at their best!

I love a good statement necklace, but this post makes me way to try statement earrings! I admit I'm a baby about heavy things on my ears, so we'll see how that idea goes...

I have been searching high and low for the perfect fisherman's sweater for years and A finally found me the men's department! I should have known. 

I have only a vague idea of our wedding venue, but I am really enjoying earmarking things for a registry. Right now my eyes are on this, this, and this

This nail polish may be the only color I ever need. It's the only color I will take off only to put on a fresh coat of the same thing. 

I love the pretty lacquer boxes from places like West Elm, but can't justify the cost. I am eager to try this DIY! I admit the idea of removing the hardware seems like too much work, so I would try this box without the clasp in the front. 

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