September 30, 2014

eat / juice minus the juicer

Last week I attended a networking breakfast and one of my favorite things on the menu were the juice shots. Normally I scoff at juicing as "granola" or "too trendy", but these were delicious! There was one with kale, pineapple and mint and another with apple, beet, carrot, and ginger. I don't have a juicer at home and wasn't planning to buy one, but a quick Google search led me to the Minimalist Baker and The Chalkboard Mag

So on Friday I decided to try my hand at juicing without a juicer. And damn was it delicious!!

I followed the recipe from The Chalkboard Mag and threw everything in my Cuisinart Mini Prep (in batches of course since it's small). The only thing I would suggest to do differently is to not use a spatula to press the juice out of the pulp. I wasn't getting very far with that so I used a flat bottomed bowl (maybe 5-6" in diameter) to press as much juice as I could out of the pulp. 

I also tried a beet, carrot, apple, celery, lime, ginger combo that I made WAY too spicy. It was good, but even watered down I couldn't finish it. I found an unopened jar of pineapple juice buried in the fridge (from cocktail making?) and added a splash to some carrot, apple, kale, and lime juice. It's so good, but it's brown...womp womp. 

Now I have to see how often I actually get around to doing this! 

Anyone else big on making juice at home--either with a juicer or without? Any good flavor combinations? And any good recipes for the leftover pulp?

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