August 12, 2014

local / haymarket

On Saturday, A and I went to Haymarket (the actual market, not the T stop) to pick out a ton of produce and figure out what to make later. HOW DID I NOT KNOW THE AWESOMENESS?!?!?!

For $11 we got 6 quarts of strawberries (in our over-excitement, we didn’t inspect them closely, so only about 2.5 quarts were edible), 2 pints of blackberries, a bulb of fennel, 2 lbs of potatoes, 2 eggplant, a papaya, 9 radishes, 4 jalapenos, 2 avocado, 2 tomatoes, a zucchini, and a bunch of asparagus. I will be taking FULL advantage for the remainder of the season. I even walk right past the market on my way to the gym on Fridays and never stopped to look. 
We threw veggies on the grill, but of course those berries needed some brown sugar and butter…

…and vanilla ice cream…

Delicious. I used a recipe from Pinterest
What have you been cooking this summer?

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