August 22, 2014


As August winds down, I am drawn to super punchy colors like this fun outfit (though for work I often tone things down to a bright lip).
I haven’t done a links post in forever and I’m excited to be back on the train!
A and I finally tried Tatte Bakery last weekend and it TRULY lived up to the hype. Now I want to take one of her pastry classes!
Can’t decipher the dress code for those late summer soirees? Try this handy guide.
It was high time I replaced by 7 year old PC from freshman year of college. I am proud to say I bought myself a MacBook without using credit. I’ll be using this guide a lot in the coming weeks!
35 unconventional things to do in Boston. Some of these things I knew and some were new to me!
This New York townhouse is a stunner!

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