January 3, 2013

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Is everyone else recovered from the festivities? N and I had some friends in town and we had a blast on New Year’s Eve. 2012 was quite a year and I’m so ready for the fresh start that 2013 brings. I feel like I’m steady on my feet when it comes to the real world and I can focus on smaller things this year. I’ve never been a resolution person, but I was inspired by Carly’s post about monthly focuses in 2013.
Keeping in mind some smaller goals I wanted to accomplish, I started a list of areas I wanted to focus on. Since life has ways of throwing curve balls, I’ve decided to assign my monthly focus just before the month begins. At the beginning of every month, I’ll post the area of my life I want to focus on and list some specific goals that fall under that topic. You can find Carly’s list here.
January: Finances

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Yup, being a grown up is b-o-r-i-n-g sometimes. But then I remind myself I don’t have homework. Like I mentioned before, I am finally getting steadier footing and I’m ready to start being smarter with money. This month, I will:
1. Pay off the last bit of my credit card.
2. Figure out all this retirement account business and put away a little bit every month.
3. Start a savings account (again, a little bit is better than nothing).
4. Start checking my credit score regularly. I’m using this LearnVest article as a guide.
Do you have any resolutions or goals this year? I have a feeling it will be a challenging year, but I’m very excited for this fresh start.

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