January 23, 2013

wed / how to find a wedding caterer

Considering the dinner (or luncheon or brunch} at your wedding is probably the biggest party you’ll ever host, the food is pretty important! Here are a few tips to choosing a caterer.
1. This is a really great time to get word of mouth recommendations. Ask friends and family if they’ve been to any events with great food recently. Amazing food at the company holiday party? Find out who they used. And if you have a favorite restaurant, find out if they cater or even see if their space can accommodate your guest list. 
2. Contact the company about getting some basic information. I recommend starting with 1-2 and going from there. Some companies will send sample menus to get you started and some will write a full proposal. 
3. When they schedule the tasting, be honest with your feedback and take great notes!
4. Pay attention to how responsive the event planner is, how the service is at the tasting, and if they listen to your feedback. That can indicate how things will run the day of the event.
5. Book with someone that you feel comfortable with and have a good rapport with. 
6. Enjoy the food!!! 
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