January 25, 2013

wed / how to find a make up artist

My beautiful Gamma Phi Beta sister, Madelyn is a makeup artist in New Jersey and I invited her to share her advice on finding a makeup artist for your wedding! If you’re in the New York/New Jersey area and need a true makeup pro or have any questions, you can get in touch with her at madelynvitamia@gmail.com.
When someone mentions a wedding to me, I always say - “Your makeup is just as important as your dress!”
I don’t say this to add stress, but think about it. When you look at pictures of you on your big day, you want to see your face. The one you’ve grown up with and remember. You, especially, don’t want to see someone you don’t recognize! This is why finding the right makeup artist for your wedding is crucial. In this case, less is definitely more. Save those glittery eyes for the club! For those timeless pictures, you want to achieve a fresh faced and youthful look.
The most common place to look for a MUA is your favorite makeup counter. However, the gripe I have with this is upon meeting the artist at the counter, you may feel obligated into choosing that ONE person. Then those crazy girl thoughts start running - Can I trust her with my face? I don’t know her! What if the day of the wedding, I don’t like what her line looks like on my face? What if she doesn’t understand what I want? Is she actually qualified?
All of these are great questions and should be asked! This is where the relationship between you and the artist becomes VITAL. If you don’t click, it won’t work. I can guarantee that you will ask for one thing and get the opposite. You should be able to trust this person with your life…well actually your face. You may be asking how to do that? Well, if they don’t offer to share their portfolio, ask to see it. If they don’t have one, don’t bother. You don’t want your face to become an experiment for someone else’s brush.
Another tip I offer to future brides is, ask if the MUA is experienced with airbrush application. I say this because with all those HD cameras out these days, you can see every nook and cranny. What airbrush makeup does is seamlessly hide those imperfections. Instead of being blended into your face, the makeup sits on top of your skin and gives the face a fresh look. No cake-face here!
The number one tip I could give, is to try and find your artist at a wedding event where all vendors meet to display their work. Most of these events are held at department stores and malls. They usually don’t cost any money, and are definitely worth your time. To find your local event, a search engine like weddingwire.com is a good place to start.
What’s so great about these events is you get too meet a lot of different MUAs and see the variation of styles. You’re not confined into talking with one person, so it’s not awkward when you don’t feel a connection. Just like Jay-Z says - “On to the next one!”
Hope you found these little tidbits helpful. Wishing you a happy search for wedding beauty :)
Madelyn Vitamia MUA xx

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