September 4, 2013

101 in 1001

Well friends, the day has arrived that I have started a new 101 in 1001 list. I did one from January 2010 to October 2012 and sadly didn’t do a great job at crossing things off the list. While a semester abroad, senior year, job hunting, and that first year out of college made those years of my life a tough time to create a goal list like this, I ultimately can only hold myself accountable (because that’s what this is about, right?). 
Design Darling is one of my daily reads and she’s reaching the end of her list this month! I’m finally feeling like I have my footing in the real world and without realizing it, a new 101 in 1001 list started forming in my head. Without further ado, here is my new list which started on Sunday, September 1, 2013.
I’ll post progress updates, but I’ll also have the list linked on the right side of the blog :)
Start: September 1, 2013
End: May 29, 2016
Kind: to myself and others (5/15)
1. Send 25 handwritten notes (6/25)
2. Send holiday cards every year (almost ready to go out for 2013!)
3. Pay the bill for someone behind me
4. Bring soup to a sick friend {10.16.13}
5. Help 3 friends decorate their apartments-already helping L (also C+J and S and N) {Fall 2013}
6. Do a 30 day workout challenge
7. Buy someone a “just because” gift
8. Start volunteering with or get involved with CJP/BBYO/similar
9. Leave a 100% tip {10.14.13}
10. Cheer up a friend by treating them to a cocktail or ice cream {10.22.13}
11. Maintain 3x weekly gym visits for 3 months
12. Download a new workout song once a month (4/33)
13. Attend 5 yoga or pilates classes at the gym instead of working out on my own (1/5)
14. Visit my grandpa in Florida
15. Switch green tea for coffee
Food, wine and entertaining (1/10)
16. Have a dinner party of 3 courses
17. Host a board game and cocktails night {11.11.13}
18. Try 3 new “fancy” restaurants (2/3 Mistral, Ten Tables)
19. Try 3 “too complicated” dessert recipes
20. Make bread from scratch
21. Try 10 new recipes and blog them (4/10)
22. Host/organize 5 girls nights of 4+ friends (1/5)
23. Take a wine class
24. Give a toast
25. Try 5 new foods (1/5)
Joyful: fashion and beauty (2/8)
26. Add 10 coffee table books to my collection (3/10)
27. Get a facial
28. Master curling my hair
29. Whiten teeth
30. Buy a splurge dress
31. Get all glammed up for my 25th birthday party: sparkly dress, manicure, blowout, etc {12.7.13}
32. Wear bright or bold lipstick every day for a week
33. Wear perfume every day for 21 days
Joyful: just for fun (3/15)
34. Fall in love {10.2013}
35. Take a barre class
36. Watch top ten of Audrey Hepburn’s movies
37. Watch a movie from the year I was born (1988) {12.15.13 Coming to America}
38. See 5 of the Best Picture Oscar nominees before the ceremony
39. See 3 of ^these alone
40. Buy a lottery ticket
41. Order/make monogrammed stationery
42. Buy myself flowers every week for a month
43. Write myself a letter on my 25th birthday to open on my 30th
44. Re-read Harry Potter
45. Buy a splurge candle (Archipelago, Diptyqe, etc)
46. Pull a prank! 
47. Instagram something that makes me happy every day for 30 days 
48. Own Winning London on DVD
Settled (1/11)
49. Have apartment published in a magazine or on a blog
50. Sew my own pillows for my living room couches
51. Hire professional cleaners for a deep clean (Spring)
52. Add a plant to my apartment and keep it alive
53. Set up a bar cart/tray
54. Finish decorating apartment
  • bar area
  • comforter (
  • living room pillows
  • living room rug
  • add plants {9.7.13}
  • new oven mitts {9.7.13}
  • big art in living room 
  • new sheets
  • art in dining area {10.13.13}
  • matching couches  {9.3.13}
55. Make bed 30 days straight
56. Start a cleaning routine
57. Come up with better organization for sheets/towels
58. Expand my gallery wall
59. Get rid of unused make up, toiletries, and medicine
Smart (0/12)
60. Build a real emergency savings account
61. Learn how to change a tire
62. Learn to wake up without snoozing more than once
63. Go a month without buying anything (bills, groceries, etc are of course exceptions)
64. Read 30 new books (3/30)
65. Unsubscribe to junk email and fix email filters
66. Invest in a good sunscreen to wear daily on face, neck, chest
67. Write a sealed “G-d Forbid” letter and entrust it to a friend
68. Try the envelope system of budgeting for a month
69. Open a credit card that earns rewards
70. Watch 10 TED Talks (1/10)
71. Re-learn the ASL alphabet and 5 key phrases
72. Earn more than $X annually (real number is a secret)
73. Organize professional contacts
74. Attend at least 1 GPhiB alumnae event every 6 months
Adventure (1/13)
75. Go on a vacation not to Charleston
76. Go to NYC at least once a year
77. Go on a Duck Tour
78. Go to the top of the Pru {9.21.13}
79. Attend a polo match 
80. Learn how to ride a bike
81. Visit Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
82. Go apple picking {9.29.13}
83. Take $20 to the SOWA market {11.17.13}
84. Write a new list
85. See The Nutcracker at the NYC Ballet 
86. Go to a BU/BC hockey game again {12.7.13}
87. Take a hike
Creative (0/14)
88. Redesign blog and get new business cards
89. Plan a wedding
90. Get a new laptop
91. Get my iPad, iPhone, iPod, etc all synced to new computer
92. Re-organize and back up computer
93. Finish grandma’s cookbook and publish
94. Make photobooks/albums
95. Start 2 new blog series (1/2)
96. Photograph the same landscape in all four seasons 
97. Learn Illustrator/Photoshop basics
98. Do 10 OOTD blog posts
99. Maintain an editorial calendar for at least 2 weeks out
100. Open a small Etsy shop 
101. Tackle a Pinterest DIY
Goals I am…
Anticipating will be the hardest: #75, #1, and #62!
Most nervous about: #80 (I’m not sure why!)
Unsure if I can achieve: #49 (I can submit the apartment, but who knows if it will get published)
Most excited about: #18, #31, and #54

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