May 13, 2016

weekend links

I miss Linda Wells's Allure magazine and loved this article about her day working at Sephora. 
I've had some serious wanderlust lately and am dreaming about trips to Africa, India, and Singapore

These wedding gowns by Naeem Khan are truly works of art. 
I'm SUPER late to the party but I am obsessed with Lip Sync Battles. Of course Channing Tatum/Beyonce was hilarious and amazing, but I'm loving Melissa McCarthy and Jimmy Fallon

Style Me Pretty predicts celebrity wedding gowns. Love!
Seriously tempted to splurge on these babies for upcoming weddings and events. I hear the best things about their shoes!
We're so excited to stay in our apartment one more year, but that means we seriously need to add storage in the kitchen. I'm planning on Ikea hacking some open shelving and bookmarked inspiration here, here, and here


  1. Those Style Me Pretty gowns are amazing! Thanks so much for introducing me to them. I think I have a new obsession lol

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