March 28, 2014


Don’t these lovely ladies make you itch for a dressy masquerade party? Reminds me of my junior prom…
A few things I’m loving this week:
I did some Dine Out Boston eating over the past two weeks. My favorites were the brussel sprout caesar salad at Met Back Bay, the Elote Con Chili atZocalo (never had it? find a Mexican or tapas place STAT), and the Papardalle with Lamb Ragu at Clink.
I’m re-reading Ella Enchanted for the zillionth time. That book is one of my very favorites and I’ve been falling in love with Ella and Char all over again.
Sur la Table sent me a mini catalogue; who knew there were so many fruit specific tools?!
I’m newly addicted to Veep.
Am I the only one who loved diagramming sentences?
JCrew does it again with this fun color film.
And a few design tips from the masters.
Happy weekend-ing!!

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