May 6, 2014

decorate / bookshelves

Back in February I blogged about wanting to wall mount shelving in my living room. The more I thought about the cost and logistics though, the more I realized that wall mounting on my old walls might not be the best option. As I hunted for an affordable bookshelf that offered plenty of storage AND wasn’t too bulky, I kept circling back to the often hacked and paintedIkea Vittsjo.
I’m happy to report that not only did I successfully assemble the shelves 100% by myself, but I am in love with how it looks (sneak peaks on Instagram). Now I just have to finish styling them! Here’s a little inspiration I’ve collected:

{1 / 2 / 3}
I love the gold leafed/painted Vittsjos in the last photo. I’m contemplating silver leaf painting mine, but decided to live with the black metal for a bit before committing. I’m sure more styling updates will come on Instagram!

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