February 4, 2014

101 in 1001

I am overdue for a 101 in 1001 update! Lately, I’ve crossed off several items, particularly things that have to do with organization, which feels great. 
2. I sent out my first ever holiday cards of my very own.

13. I’ve really gotten into the habit of going to yoga and Pilates classes and I have to say I feel good physically and mentally and plan to keep this as a regular thing!
18. Added my last restaurant to the fancy restaurant list. My boyfriend and I went to Toro and it was insanely good! Shout out to A for getting us a table :)
43. I wrote a letter to myself on my 25th birthday. I’ve already forgotten what I wrote and look forward to opening it on my 30th.
55. I made my bed every day this month (maybe give or take one) and it is not only a habit, but it makes my room look so neat and organized.
59. Pitched a bunch of old makeup and toiletries.
65. Unsubscribed from junk emails. unroll.me made it take a few short minutes.
72. Overshot my earnings goal!!!!! I’m especially excited about this one!
92. Another kind of boring one, but I downloaded everything from Google Docs, Dropbox, my flash drive, etc and shuffled things around a bit so it’s all in one place and nice and organized. 
How are everyone else’s lists going?

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