November 12, 2013

wear / fall layers

While looking back at my Everyday Inspiration Pinterest board, I noticed I’ve pinned some layered looks that not only will be great for the cold weather over the next few months, but also use clothes I already have (with room for maybe one or two little additions).

I have pretty much this entire outfit. My plaid shirt has more black in it, so I think I would do plaid shirt, black sweater, camel blazer.

Love these layered neutrals.

My colored vest is orange, but I like the idea of layering it over my navy and white gingham button up.

Vest OVER the blazer? Love it! Adds warmth without restricting movement the way a blazer under a coat does.

I love the idea of white jeans in the winter but I’ve never had the guts to do it. Maybe this is the year.
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What are your favorite layered looks?

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