August 22, 2013

diy / sewing class boston

posted what feels like forever ago about the hand blocked fabric I ordered from Etsy to make Euro shams with. I started out by following a Pinterest tutorial and it was all wrong. (Note to self: don’t follow just any tutorial on Pinterest.) 
I did some Googling and found Grey’s Fabric and Notions in the South End. I signed up for a 1 hour private lesson and liked that if I needed more time I could rent the sewing machine time as I needed. Ashley was really awesome and I loved that she showed me each step and checked on me (or I could call her over when I un-threaded the machine for the 10th time), but I had the chance to work a bit on my own.

The shams aren’t perfect (since the fabric is handmade, it’s a little tougher to cut in super straight lines…plus I’m pretty new at this), but after several months, I finally finished them and feel like my bedroom looks so much more complete!

Now I just have to decide which way to make my bed!

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