November 21, 2014



So much warmth and texture going on in this bathroom. After having to take a cold shower yesterday morning (who knew my whole building takes a shower at 8:30 am?), this would be lovely!

My plaid scarf arrived and I already love it! (I chose Option 3.)

I'm going to Thanksgiving dinner at a friend of a friend's and plan to bring some green beans and maybe these hot cocoa cookies.

Pretty DIY fall/winter twig votives.

14 ways to update your home.

I recently added two of these H+M candlesticks to my bookshelves (1/2 off sale!). Speaking of bookshelves, did you catch my book wishlist?

For anyone cooking Thanksgiving, here's a handy Thanksgiving Calculator.

Ivanka Trump has a new #WomenWhoWork campaign. I'll be making a video this weekend!

75 Iconic Photos so far this Century.

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