April 24, 2014

eat / chocolate coconut macaroons

Bon Appetit magazine is one of my favorites and I’ve been following their editor-in-chief, Adam Rapoport on Instagram for a little while now. A couple of weeks ago he posted these chocolate coconut macaroons along with the simplest sounding recipe.

I realized that this Passover I might not need to buy the dry, packaged macaroons if I could make these successfully. Luckily, they’re just as easy as the recipe sounds! I drizzled a little caramel on top and I’m NEVER going back. These would be good even not on Passover. #winning
Here’s the recipe:
Melt 3 oz semi sweet chocolate. Beat 3 egg whites. Fold in 8 oz slivered almonds ground up in a food processor and 3/4 cup sugar. Then fold in melted chocolate and 7 oz bag of sweetened shredded coconut. Spoon on to baking sheet covered with parchment, bake about 20 mins at 350.

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