Palm Springs Travel Guide

Not the fanciest or most blogger-y travel guide, but here are my travel notes. I hope they're helpful :)
Feel free to email me if you have questions or would like to know more: blog {dot} awinkasmile {at} gmail {dot} com.

Hotels I Would Recommend:
Avalon Hotel and Bungalows
Kimpton Rowan

Hotels I'd Like to Try:
Colony Palms
Korakia Pensione
Holiday House

  • So.PA is beautiful and delicious...a little fancier
  • Eight4Nine is really great for dessert and coffee but we weren’t blown away by dinner
  • Workshop is delicious and their sister bar Truss and Twine next door is good too!
  • Cheeky’s is worth the wait for brunch (we get coffee and a muffin at Koffi across the street to hold us over haha)
  • Counter Reformation is a cool wine bar at the Parker. It was BRAND new on our first trip (like very plugged in locals hadn’t heard of it yet) and the food and wine were AWESOME.
  • Tonga Hut is so kitchy and fun for cocktails
  • rooftop lunch at High Bar at The Rowan
  • Chi Chi’s at the Avalon is yummy for brunch but kind of pricey
  • Birba is delish for pizza!!!
  • we love the coffee at Koffi (can’t remember if we like the cold brew or iced coffee)
  • Norma’s at the Parker is hugely popular but very expensive for what it is.
  • Purple Palm was just lovely and delicious and good service
Tip: lots of restaurants are outside or very open to outside and it gets cold at night. I live in Boston and when I see PS lows in the 60s-70s I think I’ll want to wear a dress but compared to day, I mostly wear white jeans and sweaters/tops when I’m out in PS. The temps are decently warm but the contrast to day makes it feel cold.

  • Hike Taquitz Canyon—about 2 hours and very moderate with a waterfall at the top
  • Hikes in Indian Canyons—we have only done Andreas Canyon and want to go back! 45 min loop around an actual Oasis!
  • POOL!
  • shopping abounds!
  • You can easily dabble in Joshua Tree for the day. It’s about 45 min-an hour to the West Gate from PS and if you don’t venture too far into the park you can easily go for the day
  • outlets nearby are pretty good
  • Look at houses for fun! There are plenty of architecture tours or you can find guides and drive around on your own.

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