Ceremony Ideas


For probably seven or eight years now, I've kept a running Word document of quotes, readings, and vows specifically intended to be a wedding ceremony resource. I think I started it in college when I was deep into reading WeddingBee every day along with some of the other major blogs. 

It seems like there isn't a ton out there in terms of ideas for personalized or customized ceremonies, especially as more and more couples choose secular ceremonies officiated by a pro like a Justice of the Peace or Celebrant or even by a friend or family member. 

I've offered my document to friends and clients over the years and recently offered it to a blogger I follow. Rather than send a jumbled 17 page document to her, my husband suggested I put it all online as a resource to share with others. I'll keep adding to these as I come across new passages and poems and readings that I like and I'd love to hear from anyone who uses these or finds new ideas to add! Also, if I've failed to properly site or source anyone's work, please correct me!

Congratulations and happy planning!


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