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Inspired by: My Favorite London Bar

Lest you think I’m a total alcoholic, I promise I didn’t spend all my time abroad in a bar. Just most of my night time. Kidding! But we did become regulars at one specific bar called B@1. They have a really cool drinks menu if you’re looking for signature drinks (A few of my favorites off the top of my head: Candy Pants, Mango Collins, Irish Disco Biscuit, and Frozen Strawberry Bellini).

One thing that I always thought was so cool about the bar was the giant chalkboard inside a picture frame. Behold:

Picture courtesy of my friend M

I love the large, ornate gold frame and then the simplicity of the chalkboard inside. I think this would be an easy DIY project. Look for ornate, museum type frames, spray paint them, and then add a piece of something flat that you paint with chalkboard paint. This could be used for anything from menus to seating assignments to directions to whatever. You also can do this on any scale. The frame above was probably a good two feet by three feet, but you could go any size!

How would you incorporate this?

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