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I look at A LOT of weddings. Whether I’m reading blogs, scrolling through Pinterest, daydreaming about my own (not too soon, don’t get excited), or planning with my clients at work, I am constantly uncovering new ideas and images. It takes a lot to blow me away, to be honest. And then I saw this bouquet featuring my favorite color…

Which led to me to this wedding gallery on (of course) Style Me Pretty…and then to this ceremony set up…

Mind. Blown. Seriously, take the time to scroll through the whole wedding. You won’t regret it!

;) and :)

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I’m glad it’s the weekend! I have bit plans to lay low, get to a Zumba class, pick up my apartment, calling my wonderful Mommy!, and hopefully cross a couple things off my 101 in 1001 list. I haven’t done a weekend links post in a few weeks, but here are some that have caught my attention recently.

Making the most of your weekend.

This 16 year old girl took photos of herself dressed in each decade from 1920’s onward.

Entrepreneur Magazine has some really interesting articles about the most trusted brands and their secrets.

Elle Decor’s 10 things you should own for your home before 30 and Architectural Digest’s photos of Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan’s home on Shelter Island. 

Electrolux’s Now you’re Cooking Blog.

An interesting article about first born children—I’m a big believer in birth order theories.

;) and :)

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