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Ten for Tuesday

It’s been a very long time since I wrote a Five for Friday, so here I am trying to make up for it with a Ten for Tuesday:

1. I get to drive the truck and it’s awesome (and funny that I’m 5 ft tall driving a pickup truck).

2. You teaching the cat to fetch is still one of the best things EVER.

3. I always appreciate your help around the apartment. Thanks for doing it!

4. Oysters on oysters.

5. You’ve taught me many things about sports (particularly hockey and football).

6. Your hugs are the best.

7. Your collection of hilarious patriotic shirts.

8. Our brave adventures to Costco on weekends.

9. Time in the 603 :)


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Five for Friday

It’s been a long time since I did one of these and my boyfriend certainly deserves one!

1. You took charge of dinner on Tuesday and we had a wonderful dinner with your dad.

2. I loved meeting your California friends last weekend and it was so cool to see the people and places that you loved so much.

3. You painted TWO rooms in the apartment yesterday afternoon and they look great!

4. You finally got the truck you’ve wanted and I love seeing how happy it makes you (I owe you big time for letting me take the car to work all the time).

5. You made me a beautiful steak dinner last night and it made me feel so special and loved. Thank you.

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Fifteen for Friday

I’ve been so terrible at keeping up with this blog in general and I certainly haven’t been able to figure out what’s wrong with the forwarding for my URL. Anyway, I owe my boyfriend a ton of Five for Fridays, so here are 15:

1. My mom is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. I’m excited to set up our apartment together.

3. We had a ton of fun at the lake with all your friends. Thanks for bringing me along!

4. The 4th of July Pops rehearsal was awesome! Thanks for pushing through the crowds to go see it with me.

5. You do so much to help out when you’re in town. Your recent day of Costco, grocery store, dry cleaning, etc was awesome!

6. You got me hooked on The Hunger Games and I’m glad I finally read it!

7. You made the yummiest garlic wine sauce to go with dinner and it was AMAZING.

8. You loved my white chocolate macadamia cookies…

9. …and my sangria.

10. You helped me navigate getting my iPhone. Thanks for the technology help!

11. You started your new job and I’m so proud!


13. You work so hard and I admire that.

14. We got a parking spot and I’m so glad that life is 100x less stressful because of it.

15. You helped me get my iPad up and running. So excited to have one!!

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Five for Friday

1. You got excited over the tiny puppies we saw! (Though not as crazy person excited as me!!)

2. You went swimming in the ocean with me even though you’re not usually a fan.

3. You get along with my family (and the family dog).

4. You’re awesome to travel with.

5. You are the birthday boy and I’m so lucky to be with you to celebrate!

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Five for Friday

5 Reasons I love you today:

1. I get to see you after two weeks!!!

2. I’m coming to Toronto.

3. We’re going to Niagra Falls!!!!

4. We’re staying over in Niagra Falls (Best surprise!!!)!

5. And I’m coming to Toronto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Five for Friday

1. You set up the MOST awesome surprise for our trip to Canada!

2. You had dinner ready for me when I got home yesterday. 

3. You drove me to and from work.

4. You found a box spring for me AND lugged it upstairs!

5. You make me laugh every day.

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Five for Friday

I’ve totally fallen off the wagon lately. Sorry, N!

1. You were the manliest of men and hung up my shelves and jewelry knobs in my room. I LOVE the way they look!!!

2. You helped me stay calm when I was furious.

3. You kick ass at work and make me proud.

4. You’re just as excited for our trip to Charleston as I am!

5. You took time on Saturday to schlep to Costco with me.

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