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I look at A LOT of weddings. Whether I’m reading blogs, scrolling through Pinterest, daydreaming about my own (not too soon, don’t get excited), or planning with my clients at work, I am constantly uncovering new ideas and images. It takes a lot to blow me away, to be honest. And then I saw this bouquet featuring my favorite color…

Which led to me to this wedding gallery on (of course) Style Me Pretty…and then to this ceremony set up…

Mind. Blown. Seriously, take the time to scroll through the whole wedding. You won’t regret it!

;) and :)

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TGIF! For the first time in at least a month I have both Saturday and Sunday off and I’m so excited! Tonight is my old roommate and dear friend Ashley’s birthday celebration, tomorrow I’m heading out of the city a bit to Chick-fil-A and the Burlington Mall with L, and Sunday is going to be sleeping in and getting things done around the apartment.

Happy Weekend!

;) and :)

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Wedding Vendors: How to Find a Florist


How to Find a Photographer

How to Find a DJ/Band

How to Find a Caterer


Ahh flowers. Now that the tougher vendors are booked, it’s time to focus on the beautiful, personal details. A few tips for finding a wedding florist:

1. Gather inspiration pictures! Pinterest is a great way to do this. 

2. Find 2-3 florists to meet with. Search online vendor sites like Yelp, Weddingbee, Style Me Pretty, and WeddingWire. And of course, ask your friends and family! Look at examples of the florist’s work to see if you like their aesthetic. 

3. Bring those photos to the meeting, along with fabric swatches, a picture of your dress, and pictures of the venue. Also, it’s important to bring your budget! Unlike some other vendors who show you their pricing and make adjustments from there, florists can be flexible by adjusting the blooms they choose, the number of arrangements, the size, etc. So give them a guideline to use as a jump off point!

4. Book with a florist whom you trust to execute your vision. You want someone who takes your inspiration and creates something that blows you away, not someone who copies a Pinterest pic exactly. 

5. Make sure to stop and smell those roses on the day!

Next up: Make up Artist Tips from my lovely sorority sister and makeup artist, Maddy!

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