Name / Ellie Durbin
Location / Boston, MA
Hometown / Charleston, SC
My style / classic with a twist
Countries visited /  Israel, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Canada
Dream destinations / Greece, Italy, Iceland for the Northern Lights
I'd rather be in / Charleston or London
Best meals ever / Tabla in NYC, Eastern Standard, Oleana, and Mistral in Boston, Bouchon in Las Vegas, and Old Village Post House in Charleston

How I relax / Zumba, bad television, beach time
Simple pleasures  / fresh manicure, monograms, white wine
I collect / postcards, recipes
Weekend pursuits / sleeping in, coffee in bed, cooking, eating out  
Favorite color / kelly green
Favorite season / spring and fall...the in betweens
Favorite lipstick / Number 36 by Makeup For Ever
Favorite blooms / tulips, dahlias, amaryllis
Favorite reads / Bon Appetit, Allure, Southern Living, Domino, The Skimm, MS Weddings
Favorite shops / J. Crew, Madewell, Uniqlo
Favorite foods / chocolate, coffee, perfectly grilled steak

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